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Ekalipi Caller Announcer is an Android Phone App that correctly pronounces the caller's name.

It can also remind you of the correct pronunciation of the person that you are calling.

Now that you know who is calling, you can answer or reject a call, without looking at your phone or disturbing others.

The Ekalipi Call Announcer has many benefits:

  • Safety - Eliminates the distraction of having to look at the phone.
  • Convenience - No need to fumble with the phone every time it rings.
  • Privacy - When using a headphone/microphone (wired or wireless), no one will know who is calling.
  • Accuracy - Pronounces Names correctly (even foreign names).
  • Workplace Usage - No need to miss emergency/urgent calls. Reject trivial calls silently.
  • Flexibility -Choose to skip the announcement for specific contacts.
  • Customization - You can assign alternate names for contacts (e.g. Mom, Boss). You can also change greetings.

Why is our announcer better than others:

  • Pronounces Names correctly. Other Call Announcers guess the pronunciations from the English spelling. Bad idea!
  • You can change the pronunciation to your liking.
  • Automatically populates the pronunciation of names from our dictionary.
  • Quickly adds missing pronunciations to the dictionary and automatically syncs to your phone.
  • Allows you to choose from multiple pronunciations of the same spelling (homographs).
    Note - Did you know that worldwide the name "Maria" has 10 pronunciations?
  • Supports multiple spellings with the same pronunciation (homonyms).
    Note - The name “Arti” has one pronunciation but it is spelt in different ways (e.g. Arti, Aarti, Aartee, Arati)
  • Low price
  • NO ADs!


Ekalipi Call Announcer Video

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  • Know who’s calling
    Without looking at phone
  • Caller name pronounced correctly
    Especially our Indian Names which
    Google/Siri can’t do
  • Answer/reject call without touching phone
    Issue commands through wired or wireless mic
  • Simple to use, easy to customize
  • Great app for everyone
    Students, Workers, Senior citizens, Housewives
  • Easy to get
    Download from Google Play Store
    Pay using your Google account
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How to Install Ekalipi Call Announcer App

For Android Users

Click on the button to toggle between showing and hiding content.

  • Go to Google Play Store, then type Ekalipi Call Announce in search bar.
  • Click on Install button
  • Image 02
  • Choose your Payment you want
  • When Installation Process is finished then click open button.
  • Image 02
  • After clicking open button Ekalipi Call Announcer app is open in phone & then asked “Allow Ekalipi Call Announcer to access your contacts?”then you will click on Allow button.
  • Image 02
  • After that they asked “Allow Ekalipi Call Announcer to make and manage phone calls?” then you will click on Allow button.
  • Image 02
  • Then goto 3rd step & they asked “ Allow Ekalipi Call Announcer to record audio?” then you will click on Allow button.
  • Image 02
  • After all 3 steps then Ekalipi Call Announcer is open in your mobile.
    * Click the Announcer Incoming
    * Click the Announcr Outgoing
  • Image 02
  • DO THIS FIRST. Click the Android Setting
  • Image 02

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