How to contribute

Many levels of contribution

First things first.

  • Learn and use it every day.
  • Emails, texts etc. to friends and family.
  • Tell them how cool Ekalipi is and encourage them to learn it and sign up on our web site.
  • Convert existing content

  • Articles, songs, poems, jokes anything you like.
  • Your content accessible and readable to the whole world.
  • T2E (Text to Ekalipi) support tools for selected languages (English, Hindi. Marathi).
  • Tools available to help you or use your own.
  • Please encourage your audience to learn how to read Ekalipi.

    Promote Ekalipi to institutions

  • government and private
  • Schools and universities
  • Promote use of Ekalipi for street, information signs etc.
  • Show language schools how Ekalipi can benefit them and their students.
  • Other ways to contribute.

  • Any new ways, tell us.
  • Make tools for more languages?
  • We’re happy to help!